Friday, 7 September 2018

Becoming a Martian

this week we were reading Becoming a Martian it is a really good book it is about puting people on mars i recommend it
Becoming a Martian

Friday, 24 August 2018

boy on a bike bronze level work

boy on a bike 

this week we were reading boy on a bike its about a boy that bikes around the north island AND HE'S ONLY 9 all so he could get more money for st john to get more ambulances. mac was trying to raise $5,000 but Mac’s pledgepage had raised over $1,500 
its a really cool story go check it out  boy on a bike     

Friday, 17 August 2018

wild boy bronze level work

this week we have been reading wild boy its about a boy that whent bush an walked around new zealend with only what he had in his backpack. he had to find his food and sevive the nights when he was out in the cold 


Monday, 2 July 2018

tunnles by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams


i have been reading tunnles its about a 14 year old boy when his farther goes mising he has to go find him i dont know if it a good book yet beacuse i am only up to page 25 but so far is good
here is the book cheek it out if you are into fantasy
Image result for tunnels by roderick gordon

Friday, 22 June 2018

i have a choice pome


When I was a child my brothers and I    
had a choice.Stay in the car or go into
the supermarket for the monthly shop.
I stay in the
Car in was looking round
for something to do.

Digging round in
the glove box.
I found old books

but they were in a
different language now how
Am i meant to read this?

Oh grate the boys now
are screaming at each other
Oh and Tai’s crying

Goodbye old life
Helloooo angry

how i feel about this task

 Roman Bireme, 100AD

ok it was hard but once i got the hang of it i figered it out at least i hade all my friends to help me along the way but if you ever get a chance you should try it it a cool math task is fun and hard when you first try it
here are the answers

Friday, 15 June 2018

BLOTCH reflection

How to do a Blotch

When you start a Blotch there is some boxs like so -----------------------
with this one it is 1-25  so what you need to do is find 2 numbers that make 23. 5+18 make 23 so you colour 5 and 18 in to difrent    step 1
   colours. Then suround them in the same coulour. So with 5 you need to colour 5 boxs green (or the colour you uesd) same with 18 if you have all the boxs in colour you have it done if not you have done something wrong. 


                                                                                                step 2