Thursday, 22 August 2019


Yesterday we were doing origami. We made planes for the planes we all made the beast planes we could and we had a competisoin with T1 we got T1 and our best planes and seen whose went the farthest are from my class won by a little bit. We also made birds and butterflys for the butterflys, we also had joe come in to teach us how to make it was fun and we all enjoyed it.

a little bit about fiji

this week we have been learning about fiji here is a little snipit of what I have found. 

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Why we should all recycle

 Why we should all recycle 

100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic
and these are the ones found. Approximately 1,000000
seabirds also die from plastic.That's right everyone on
this earth has killed someone or something with plastic.
Leaving it on the side of
the road, in your backyard you get the point.

were could we put the rubbish?
If you give it to a rubbish dump they will look
after the rubbish properly. Like landfills
contain garbage and serve to prevent contamination
between the waste and the surrounding environment,
especially groundwater.A landfill is a carefully
designed structure built into or on top of the
ground, in which trash is separated from
the area around it. Landfills contain garbage and
serve to prevent contamination between the waste and the
surrounding environment, especially groundwater.

How do we kill things with plastic?
Like many other marine animals,sea turtles mistake
plastic for a viable food, sometimes causing
blockages in their digestive system.
Seals Sea Lions. Seabirds. Fish Whales and Dolphins.

What we could use instead of plastic?
Metal Straws,Plant-based plastics and paper bags are
just some of the things you can use
instead of plastic. In most shops around New Zealand
they use paper bags and do not sell plastic
bags and they sometimes hand out
reusable bags as well.

So please recycle


Tuesday, 23 July 2019


This week we have been learning about Angels here is my learning


Friday, 5 July 2019

Reflections on the last 2 terms

Today is the last day of term 2 at school. Here is my reflections on the last 2 terms 
  • What are my highlights 

  • getting into kids lit
  • going to camp 
  • making new friends 
  • completing my speech 
  • getting a good part in production (48 lines) 

  • What am I most proud of
  • making it to kids lit 
  • improving on my scores in basic facts 
  • getting on team time 

  • What is a goal that I want to work towards next term
  • getting beater at math's 

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Interpreting Timetables Pt 2

this is part 2 of Interpreting Timetables if you want to learn more


Interpreting Timetables

here is a little slide on Interpreting Timetables